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Welcome to TwizaNex!

 TwizaNex is a trademark of TwizaNex Limited.

We know times are tough! With food costs and gas prices rising and bills pilling up, let TwizaNex help you save the money you have worked hard for!

TwizaNex helps you run your own day to day schedual, connect, and share with the people you care about most in your life.

TwizaNex is an award-winning social networking engine that provides a robust social network.

 Sounds cool! How much?

Twizanex is a- Twizanex -online community network!


Be prepared to answer YES or NO!

Have you ever been ignored by large businesses or corporations? 

Are you new to TwizaNex?  Do you need an advise, a tip or an idea?

Are you looking for the best approach in saving money in most products that  you need? And most importantly, are you ready take control of your life and money, spend time learning how to spend time and money wisely, understanding how manufactures, Business or corporation and money system works? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then TwizaNex is for you.

Those of us, who have been in Twizanex community long enough, understand the value of sharing the knowledge and educating the newcomers - at the end of the day everybody wins and saves money and time and effort.


What does Twizanex mean?

The name "TwizaNex" can be translated as follows: Twiza – Means “giraffe” in the Shona language of (Africa) and NEX is the abbreviated form of “Next”. In fact, Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world and use their hooves as weapons which are strong enough to kill a lion, (Giraffe's only real predator).

Giraffe can see very far and as a TwizaNex member, we hope we can see beyond the corporate greediness that is controlling most of the product manufactures costs sold on the planet.

These two words together represent the spirit and cause which TwizaNex exists to propagate.


Twizanex is a: noun, verb, Twiza·nexed, Twiza·nexing.  




  1. noun Trademark .     Twizanex is a brand name of a leading Internet social network, founded in 2011.
  2. verb (used with object)  (in most cases, it is used with  lowercase ) to search the twizanex website for information about (a person, topic, group, questions, friends, etc.): I twiza·nexed the new post to check if there was any question with answers on twizanex.



What makes TwizaNex different from other websites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook?

Well the functions are essentially the same, but Twizanex has been made especially for consumers who want to save money. But how do they save money? Well, TwizaNex does work for them by only allowing high standard goods and services to be advertised on Twizanex  website. This saves TwizaNex members a lot of time and money! This means that as a TwizaNex member, the people you will find on TwizaNex will have similar interests and motivations to yourself! If you're someone who takes pride in your work, family, and wants peace of mind from the Elite and other annoying Social Media Network, then TwizaNex is for you!

We should also mention that when people who share the same interest come together, the world listens!

Join today and help TwizaNex grow and help families save as they continue to care for the ones they love.


Who made TwizaNex?

TwizaNex is the brainchild of Thomas, a web developer.

Thomas has learned for many years that millions of customers have been buying products from foreign countries as a way to cut costs, but this practice comes with several risks. The safety, identity and effectiveness of imported products have not been reviewed by the authorized organizations. Most of the time, the customer could get too little or get the wrong product or lose their money. All of these issues can be dangerous to a consumer.

The TwizaNex doesn't regulate products prices, but has recognized that the inability to access needed products because of high prices is a serious issue in people’s lives.

One day, Thomas was asked by a fifth grader, "Why does generic and brand-name products with the same ingredients, weight, and parkaging cost different?"

Thomas cleared his throat and started to answer the question: “I don’t know why a product with same ingredients cost less or more because; a brand-name manufacturer owns patents for certain duration and is the only source of the product. Therefore, brand-name manufacturer can charge any amount of money they want in order to recoup the money he or she invested during product development. Once the patent’s time is over, other companies jump in make the same product with a different name (generic product) and sells it at competitive- Twizanex -span>

Thomas realized that the student was not satisfied with the answer, and then Thomas added that: “Greediness is the main factor why prices  are different.” After this Thomas finished to the second answer the fifth grader was satisfied! So, Thomas learned that the key word was "Greediness." To be honest, greediness is the root of all evil on the planet! We can as well say, it it the greatest disease that has ever lived on the planet... it affects almost all business entities on the planet!

On another scenario,  Thomas was on a vacation, and then took public bus transits. The passengers were supposed to pay their fair before boarding the bus.  One of the passengers did not have enough bus ticket. The bus driver then called him and said “Get in; I will take you to your final destination with what you have!” I did not believe what I heard from the bus operator. The passenger heard the driver’s voice but could not board the bus because the passenger had a bad experience with different bus operators before. (Two years earlier he was told to get in the bus for- Twizanex -only to be thrown out of the bus half way the journey). I know you might ask on what part of the world did this happen. For sure, these things happen all the time in foreign countries and even in developed countries. Most bus operators will use anything to lure or encourage the passage to get onboard. Once they are on board, the terms are different!

Then the bus operator reassured the passage that He was not going to throw him out of the bus. Then after the passenger’s doubt had been cleared, he boarded the bus and went home safely.

Most of us have found ourselves going through the same experience like the passage mentioned above went through. Many of us today see generics as the only way we can afford products or doubt the quality of any product which cost less expensive.

The public has been confused year after year through heavily funded commercial advertisements that say “anything that COST MORE IS BETTER!”

You know what the rest of us have experienced. One day the Television ad will say: “Eggs are good for you” then a few years down the road, “Eggs are not good for you!” which one do you believe?

Back to business, TwizaNex members have opportunities to save money on the products they buy online through TwizaNex Sponsored links.

TwizaNex members will be able to become smart shoppers and knowing how to discuss issues relating to their financial independence.

TwizaNex will work online with companies which are willing to work with our TwizaNex members.

In summary, TwizaNex act as a consumer’s “lawyer ", “advocate " “attorney” or “counsel”.  The TwizaNex customer can be assured that TwizaNex will deal with companies which manufacture products before accepting their Ads on TwizaNex website.


Use your TwizaNex Bill Pay


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You've already read how easy it is to save time and money in TwizaNex, so why not start paying bills from the same secure place where you manage your Money and Time?

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TwizaNex bill Pay is not Automatic Payment Enrollment!

TwizaNex founder was a frequent customer of Recurring Card Payments. After reading an advertisement "Save Time and Hassle-we'll take care of charging your card when your payment is due.You don't have to call or logon to make your payments any more." online, Twizanex founder decided to set up or enroll in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Recurring Card Payments. After  24 days (before the payments were due), Twizanex founder's bank account was charged. The following month, 11 days prior to TwizaNex founder's payment bank account processing, Twizanex founder received an email of a payment reminder. 

 This process went on month after month. Month after month, TwizaNex founder relaxed knowing that his payments will be taken care of automatically when they were due! However, TwizaNex founder ended up paying more than he expected. The banks started charging him overdraft fees, the the Automatic payment enrollment banks and agencies continued to charge for fees. At the end of 6 months. Twizanex founder was left with huge bank account NEGATIVE balance. Then, Twizanex decided to put a stop to it by taking control of his bills and bank transactions.

You don't need to wait until you run into the same problem like Twizanex founder. Life is sweet and yes, it is even sweeter if you are in the driver's side but not in the passenger side!

TwizaNex Mobile Browsing ... Simplified

Twizanex is phone friendly!

 Sit Back and Relax as you browse the Internet with your Phone or mobile...

 Online audience is no longer glued to a desk.

 People are turning to smart phones and tablets to browse their favorite  online content.

 Where the Twizanex members goes, Twizanex will keep up.

 Now Twizanex members can access their accounts and consume their internet contents no matter where they are and what device they use!

 With Twizanex, you have one network technology platform to access and manage your internet browsing across desktop, video, mobile, and e-mail.


 Join today and help TwizaNex grow and help families save as they continue to care for the ones they love. Don't let TwizaNex fun pass you bay!

“As we enjoy great advantages from inventions of others, we should be glad of an to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.” Benjamin Franklin